Athens Flying Week (AFW)

Tanagra International Air Show


Athens Flying Week (AFW)

Tanagra International Air Show 2022

Tanagra Air Force Base

17 & 18 September 2022

Athens Flying Week (AFW) Tanagra International Air Show 2022, with more than 500,000 loyal fans from around the world, returns to celebrate the 10 years of the biggest air show in Greece!

Are you ready to take off with us?!

At the Tanagra airport, you will experience an exciting and unique experience, having the chance to:

  • Experience take-offs and landings by the most popular aircraft
  • Enjoy a spectacular Air Show
  • Take a picture of yourself next to the planes and helicopters, with the pilots, at the biggest static aircraft display in recent years
  • Enjoy aeromodelling demonstrations
  • Enjoy easy and quick access to the main area of the show from the FREE parking located INSIDE the airport, RIGHT NEXT TO the spectators’ area
  • Walk around and make your purchases at the trade fair, but also learn about every type of aviation training from the aviation schools and aeroclubs
  • Take a short break & grab a lunch in the fully equipped restaurants with shaded areas
  • Enjoy full visual access to giant screens which will be installed in various parts of the airport